Stop. Breathe. Listen

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28 NKJV

This week we experienced the coldest day on record this winter here in the Midwest. Tiny unexpected snowflakes are floating on the frigid breeze, giving way to larger goose feathers coming down. Unexpected.

You see, I am from the balmy south where a polar vortex will not reach. I am more than a little outside my comfort zone today. And I would like to tell you it’s only about the weather, but it’s not. I have a feeling you know what I am talking about. Right now, I have more questions about my life than I have answers. This is a season where the unexpected has been the norm.

So I sit here looking at this snowglobe, picture postcard, and I have a choice to make. I want to fuss and fret over the negative degree wind chill factor. I want to obsess over driving conditions because I have to get on the road today…. But there is a still small voice. It is the voice of my Maker saying, “Slow. Down. Don’t miss this. Breathe in deeply. Get lost in the wonder, the beauty. Appreciate the warmth of the heated building you are in. Listen to My voice, I am a Good Shepherd, and I want a stolen moment with you. Let Me enjoy you. Right here, right now.
You are not at a resort in the mountains, curled up by a fire. But you have the One who made those mountains, and the fire of His love right here in your heart. Stop. Breathe. Listen.” Dear One, there is a Man looking for your attention. He is the God-Man Christ Jesus. Lean into Him in your delay, in your unexpected. Beauty, love, and fulfillment are waiting for you there.

Author: Daisy Burgan

I work with Curvy women that are totally ready to have an authentic committed relationship with the man of their dreams. I give them tools to deal with an inauthentic dating world while helping them to look and feel totally confident. I've been married for 10 and a half years. I dated online and in person as a curvy, plus-sized woman, and met my husband as a curvy, plus-sized woman. I have taught at the college level, and have spent about 14 years working in healthcare. When I'm not helping women find the love of their lives, I'm writing and singing songs from the depths of my heart, meditating on scripture, writing and editing blogs, and social media content, spending time with my hunky husband Jake, or growing organic food in my backyard and making delicious, nutrient dense food in my kitchen. If you are ready to be the best version of yourself, take the necessary steps, and let yourself be seen for the beautiful amazing woman that you are, come work with me at

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