My Covid-19 experience, and 7 tips for you

Thursday evening, July 30th, I had a runny nose, sore throat and a small cough. I have allergies from time to time, so I had no reason for alarm. Friday morning I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. Even for this intermittent asthmatic, this was not the norm. If I get a cold it does go to my chest and becomes bronchitis fairly quickly. But this time was different, and I knew it. So I started up the prayer chain, and called my doctor.

I was advised to go the CVS minute clinic for Covid-19 testing. When I looked them up the website says if you are having symptoms, please sign up online. There were not appointments until the next day so I tried clicking on the appointments, and it would error out. After trying this for 6 stores I gave up and went in person hoping I could get help.


Not only did the attendant go to lunch right after I check in, when they informed me that I could not be seen due to symptoms, they denied that their website was having problems and gave me a number that lead to nowhere. So not only did I get treated like a leper, I did not get the help I needed.

So I started at square one, and went to an urgent care that I had looked up as a plan B. When I got there, it was closed, and no address was given to where they were located. I then continued my search for a test at a stand alone St Lukes mini-hospital, which is a thing now here in Kansas City. I finally got answers and was able to get an order for a Covid-19 test from my doctor, and was able to schedule over the phone for the next morning. I was told to expect 48-72 hours, but got my results back in 24 hours. This was Saturday morning. Friday night I has spiked a fever, and this is when my doctor got concerned. She checked on me after my test, and when she found out I had a fever, she began prescribing meds.

I should not have driven by myself to get the test because I was EXHAUSTED, but my family was out of town, so I just pushed through and got it done. I called a friend and asked for help getting my meds once I found out I was going to be put on them. She is post – Covid so she was not worried about it exposure. When we got to Walmart to the pharmacy pick up, the would not fill the hydroxicloroquine script because of the FDA thing, but they gave me the z-pack for free, and threw it in the back of my friend’s car. When they say no contact…they mean it. They didn’t even want to take the risk of me paying.

Fortunatly Walgreens filled my HCQ script, and my friend was able to pick it up without me. I was way too tired to chase that down. I was also prescribed buseomide for my nebulizer, to help with inflammation and clear airways for breathing. The night before two kind souls came to my aid with care packages. One had just gotten over Covid-19 and the other is just a good samaritan. I started on Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. I took some Acetominiphen for my pain and fever. I drank bone broth, tea and tonic water.

This is my regimen:

Azythromiacin (Zpack) – Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory for lung function

Hydroxychloroquine – opens up cells to recieve zinc

Quecertin – opens up cells to recieve zinc Zinc – destroys virus once inside cell

Budesonide – inhaled antiflammatory to clear breathing and increase oxygen

Asprin – to decrease the risk of blood clots associated with COVID-19

Acetomenophen- decrease muscle pain/soreness, headache and fever Vitamin

D3 – immunity boosting Vitamin C – immunity boosting

Elderberry – immunity boosting

Melatonin – help with sleep, because sleeping is not easy with this stuff

Nano Silver – immunity boosting, can also be nebulized/inhaled

Lozenges and ginger chews for comfort Good soups/bone broth for comfort.

I was diagnosed with intermittent Asthma in 2017, and I have had pneumonia before so technically, I am considered to be in a risk group for this thing getting bad. I am so glad that I acted quickly, and that my doctor did as well, so we could head this thing off at the pass.

Here are my 7 tips if you get sick:

  1. Trust God, and trust your gut.

As someone who has breathing problems I’ve had to learn to be in tune with my body. Friday morning I knew that what I was experiencing was not normal, and my inhaler was not touching it. I knew that I could not stop until I got this thing diagnosed, and had an action plan

2. Get Tested.

Unless you know what you are dealing with it is hard to take decisive action. This way there is no guessing, or losing time due to self diagnosis.

3. Get Care.

If you have the naturopathic things on hand, get started with them. If not get help getting them so that you can start boosting your body’s ability to fight. I believe that natural remedies and pharmaceuticals work together. God is not mad at science, he created it and will work through whatever door you give him. You can employ faith and wisdom together. I am so glad that I have a nebulizer, because inhaled steroids massively helped my breathing.

4. Make a Quarantine plan in advance.

Quarentining is necessary, tricky to plan with more than one person in one space, and can effect employment. If you know your specific family’s needs you can decide what you need to do to keep everyone safe. It can look very different for each family and situation. I was told by my doctor and St. Lukes that I had to stay home for 10 days and had to have 72 hours of no fever or symptoms before being in public.

5. Rest, Hydrate.

No matter where you are on the continuum this is crucial. This disease will wipe. you. out. I have been tired, and absent minded. Rest and hydration help on all accounts. The muscle soreness made it hard for me to sleep, or get comfortable. I also had gastrointestinal symptoms and hydration helps put needed fluids back in.

6. Have someone designated to check on you.

If you are having to be alone during this time, have someone designated to check on you. One of the complications is that you can become unresponsive, leading to lack of oxygen and hydration. This can lead to a hospital stay. Get someone to text you then give them access to your house incase you become unresponsive. Call their doctor or 911 in case of an emergency.

7. Comfort foods/items.

Have foods on hand that are easy to make. Canned soup, bone broth, herbal teas, tonic water, hydrating drinks. Have things that you can open and heat up because you may not be able to cook. My personal favorite is hot and sour soup. It’s been a sick day staple for me since my college days. Available at most Chinese restaurants.

This disease is nothing to play around with. I socially distanced, I used my masks, I sanitized. I did all the things, and still got this sick, here in KC. I have had most all the classic symptoms and here on day 5, I am starting to turn a corner, no fever, no sore throat, limited coughing and sneezing, breathing clearly with no shortness of breath, cannot smell well, and having problems tasting. I am still tired and sore, but hopefully this will go away sooner than later.

Thanks for letting me share my experience. I hope it helps you in your process.

Author: Daisy Burgan

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